Monday, April 19, 2010

Bad Virus

Scout's mommy got a bad virus from facebook on her computer! Taking it in to be fixed and will be by to visit you all soon!


soggibottom said...

I did visit somewhere else first and heard about it.
You are out of the loop, hurry back soon. x x x
just goes to show no matter how careful you are the gremlins get you in the end. We know as ours was the same last year.
Keep your tail wagging Scout.
lots of love Amie soto blossom

Gledwood said...

You can catch a VIRUS from Facebook? How is that possible?.. Surely it has to load something on to your computer for that to work...? I don't get it. But anyway I hope you get better soon....

You know for a long time I thought Bernese mountain dogs originated from the Union of Myanmar!!!

Anonymous said...

of course, more treats for you - here's to much more in the coming year!