Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My favorite toy

Hi! Wanted to show you my favorite toy - my fleeced bunny rabbit. My favorite part is the rope ears which I love to gnaw on. At night, I sleep cuddled up with my bunny.

Mom says to continue gnawing on the bunny and the bones but not the kitty or her! I'm trying my hardest.... but you know I'm just a teething puppy! :-)


Scout and Freyja said...

We know it is so hard when you are teething not to chew on everything because inside of your mouth is painful, just like when a human baby loses teeth☺ Ask your momma to give you an ice cube to chew on. You might like it and you might not, but if you do, it will really help to ease the pain in your gums.

The momma

We really yike your toy. Rope toys are our favorites, too!

The poochies

Anonymous said...

What a cute toy for Scout to play with and cuddle at night! After reading another blog earlier this week, you might want to buy another toy EXACTLY like this one for later. This poor lady was trying to find an exact replica of a 5 yr. old bunny toy her dog refuses to give up even though it's disgusting!!!

Emma Rose said...

What a fun toy! Chewy and cuddly all rolled into one.
Sorry about the teething thing going on - try to stay away from your mom's furniture :)

Emma Rose

Anonymous said...

Ooo, I love your new toy Scout. I agree about the ice cubes, my dog Archie loves them and will chase them across the wooden floors before crunching them up.

Snuggles from Omi and a butt sniff from Archie xx

Shellmo said...

Scout & Freyja - thank you so much for the suggestion! The vet & breeder said that a bernese dog can't have ice cubes or ice water cuz of the danger of bloat in my breed. Shucks! Wish I had some rope toys to send to you!! :-)
Puppy smooches from Scout!

Emma Rose - I've been trying to get her shoes too - but no luck! :)

Mildred - that is an excellent idea - thank you! She really loves her bunny so I am gong to get 2 more! Give Harriet our love!!

Omi & Archie - I really wish I could have these ice cubes - darn!! Big Woofs to Archie! :-)

Deb said...

Such a cute toy bunny!
Happy 4th of July Scout ♥